The University of Molise has signed an agreement for double degree with Università della Svizzera Italiana – USI (Switzerland). In the context of such an agreement, the two universities have developed an integrated program in “Secure Software and Data Engineering” based on the Master’s Degree in “Software system security” at UNIMOL and the Master’s Degree in “Software and Data Engineering” at USI. The integrated program offers students the opportunity to attend part of their studies abroad at the partner university in order to gain its degree certificate along with the title awarded by the University of Molise. Students enrolled in the integrated program will spend the first semester of the second year (and, optionally, also the second semester of the second year) in Switzerland where they will attend classes, take exams and possibly draw up the final project according to the rule & regulations set forth on the relevant agreement. Classes and learning activities will be in English. In order to obtain the Degree from the partner University, students will have to achieve 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), distributed as follows: 90 ECTS from the home University and at least 30 ECTS from the host University. At the end of the course of study students will have obtained a double title:
  1. Laurea Magistrale in “Sicurezza dei sistemi Software” issued by Università degli Studi del Molise
  2. Master’s Degree in “Software and Data Engineering” issued by Università della Svizzera Italiana.
Participating students will obtain scholarships based on funds availability; in order to participate to the Double Degree program and receive funding, students will have to participate in a Call for Selection.
Students who want to take part in the Double Degree Program (DDP) must apply either to USI or to UNIMOL for the prescribed program through normal application process. Then, by the end of the first semester they have to apply for the Double Degree Program. To be admitted at USI, UNIMOL students must have completed one semester of study and obtained at least 18 credits. The students are required to provide the proof of academic achievement (18 credits) at the end of the first semester (not at the time of the application deadline). Applicants will be interviewed by a Commission, who will ascertain the students’ suitability for participation. The required English level at both UNIMOL and USI is B2 of the CEFR or an equivalent score in another internationally recognised test. The level of knowledge required for the English language will be verified for all students who participated on the Call for Selection during the interview or by providing appropriate certification. Candidates who do not pass the selection may continue their studies at the home institution as regular students of Laurea Magistrale in “Sicurezza e Sistemi Software” and receive one degree upon completion of study and meeting all graduation requirements.
How to apply
To be able to participate in the selection process, it is necessary to apply following the procedures and deadlines appearing in the call for applications, which will be published on this webpage, along with the application form. The selection results and the modalities for accepting the place will be published on this same webpage
List of courses to be taken at USI
Students who participate in the Double Degree program may replace the courses taken at UNIMOL with the courses offered at USI as in the following integrated scheme:

Grading system:
30L 10
29 9.5
27 9
26 8.5
24 8
23 7.5
21 7
20 6.5
18 6
Before leaving
Before leaving, the student will have to sign an agreement which defines: the nature of the relationship between the student and the partners, academic matters, other activities (compulsory participation in joint activities, evaluation), and financial issues (scholarship payment, tuition fees, if applicable)..By signing the student agreement, the representatives of the partner institutions accept the responsibility to ensure the supervision of the student during his/her stay at their institution, possibly with the aid of a tutor. The grades obtained by the students at the end of each semester will be sent to the relevant offices at the home university. Concerning social security and health insurance, students enrolled in the master will have to comply with the rules in force at the hosting institution and possibly subscribe to a personal insurance policy. The agreement is completed by a learning agreement where students will list the learning activities they will undertake; this form will be jointly signed by the student and the Coordinators at both Universities.
Arrival at the Host University
Upon arrival at the host University students will have to visit the relevant office in charge of double degree management and abide to all the dispositions thereby received. The same office will provide a “Changes to the learning agreement form”, should students need to modify their plan of study at USI, and the “Confirmation of arrival”. Just like the learning agreement, the “Changes” form will have to be signed by all the three parties involved. The “Confirmation of arrival”, and, wherever necessary, the “Changes to the learning agreement form”, will have to be sent by email to the home university at the Contacts below.
Before Returning to Italy
Before returning to Italy, students will have to notify their departure to the competent office at the host university. Student will receive a confirmation of stay (the second part of the arrival form) with the dates of arrival and departure from USI which will have to be either handed or sent by email to the competent office at UNIMOL. The transcript of records will be sent by the host university to the home university as soon as the grades are granted. The host university will deliver a letter of confirmation to the home university that the student has fulfilled all the requirements necessary to obtain the host university's Master’s degree.
Double Degree awarding
Upon the completion of the double degree procedure and fulfilment of all relevant requirements at both institutions, USI will award the “Master of Science in Software and Data Engineering”, whereas UNIMOL will award the “Laurea Magistrale in Sicurezza dei Sistemi Software”. Both universities will issue separate certificates according to their respective regulations. The certificates enable the student to use the academic grade corresponding to Laurea Magistrale in Italy and the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Switzerland. To apply for the thesis dissertation, students will have to fulfil all the standard procedures required by the home University, just like every other student enrolled in non-double degree courses.  
Prof. Rocco Oliveto
Coordinator of the Double Degree Program and Head of the Laurea Magistrale “Sicurezza e Sistemi Software”
Tel: +39 0874 404159

Dr. Pasquale Lavorgna
Segreteria Dipartimento di Bioscienze e Territorio
Referent for academic and administrative matters on the Degree Course
Tel: +39 0874 404134

Dr. Margherita Di Paolo
Settore Global Mobility ed Eventi Internazionali
Referent for Double Degree Programs
Tel: +39 0874 404415