Physics, computer science and mathematics

The Division of Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics aims to coordinate the research activity in the fields of by Physics, Computer science and Mathematics by promoting interactions between the different disciplines.

The first objective of the Division is to promote and coordinate projects related to Information Science by covering all its components: Computing Science, Information technology, Software engineering, Knowledge Engineering, Ethics and Security. In addition, the members of the Division have expertise in other areas, namely history of mathematics and that plasma physics.

The Division collaborates with all the other components of the Department providing methodological and technological skills. The most important areas of applications are those of biology and environmental science.  In addition, the presence of scientific and professional skills in different disciplines has allowed the Division to promote research activities in collaboration with national and international scientific institutions.

Cognitive modelling, collective intelligence, digital forensics, ethics, historical studies, knowledge representation, logic, machine learning, mining software repository, optimization, security, simulations, software evolution, software testing, software traceability, web mining.