The course of study in Tourism Sciences is active at the Campus of Termoli since 2001. It was the first Italian university course receiving the world-famous certification of Tourism Education Quality (TedQual) issued by the THEMIS Foundation for the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Based on this recognition the University of Molise is a UNWTO affiliate member and sits on the Education and Science Council. There are two branches of study, one oriented to the issues of local development and territorial marketing and the other to the valorisation of food and wine as tourism resources. For more details see the course web page on the university portal.


The degree program of Tourism Science has the aim to prepare students to the tourism labour market both public and private, with particular reference to the valorisation, management and promotion of cultural and environmental resources. Students will acquire knowledge and skills on several interrelated disciplines, with particular focus on geography, history, anthropology, low and management issues. Theoretical approaches as well as methodological aspects of social, territorial and economic research will be provided to give students practical tools for the analysis of the tourist systems. A particular care is addressed to the skills needed in the field of Information and Communication Technology as well as to the study of foreign languages. Several activities are developed through teaching and research laboratories. Erasmus agreements exist with several European universities that permit students to have an international teaching staff and perform important international experiences abroad.


Students will be able to work in a broad range of roles and tasks in the administration and management of several types of tourism and cultural organizations. Main working and professional areas are: tourism accommodation, tour operators and travel agencies, tourist services companies, tourism consulting firms, sustainable development agencies, international organizations for economic development and environmental protection, traditional and multimedia publishing and press offices, local and national destination management organizations, event management organizations, social media companies, etc. The course also provides skills and start-up experiences as well as the support for self-employment and business creation in the tourism and related sectors.

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