The Department of Biosciences and Territory is a community of teachers, researchers, students and technicians whose interests range from “basic” disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, to applied biotechnology, environmental science, geography, forestry, computer sciences, economy, engineering, and architecture. A wide advanced interdisciplinary research activities are performed in the Department of Biosciences and Territory in the field of biology, computer sciences, sustainable management of the territory and environment, conservation of biodiversity, natural, rural and urban and spatial planning, and management of terrestrial ecosystems and of forest landscape. The Department is the principal coordinator of 4 first (Laurea) and specialist (Laurea Magistrale) degree courses and its staff contribute to the teaching of numerous other courses within and beyond the University. The Department of Bioscience and Territory is responsible for a Doctoral program in Bioscience and Territory, with three different curricula namely Territory, Bio-environment, Computer-science mathematics.

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