The main research themes of Engineering division are:

  1. Structural analysis and design, seismic protection of historical constructions and existing civil enginering structures and infrastructures by means of continuous monitoring in operational conditions;
  2. Reengineering of roofs and façades of intensive residential condominium by means of self-supporting envelops for functional, ecosystemic and productive extension of the flats;
  3. Water resources protection and artificial reservoir management; utilization of sediments coming from dredging aimed at capacity recovery in the industrial, environmental and rural contexts.
  4. Acquisition by optical scanners of 3D shapes, reconstruction & Reverse Engineering, Analysis, simulation and optimization of deformable bodies assembly processes;
  5. Computational modeling of geomaterials and porous media applied to infrastructures (tunnels and dams) and environmental engineering (erosion, leakage of storage wells)
  6. Stress and strain response of soils, analysis and desing of geotechcnical systems subketed to gravity and seismic loading. Seismic zonation and liquefaction.
  7. GIS models for civil engineering applications and territorial planning. Use of open-source technologies and knowledge transfer.
  8. History of the architecture and Urban History


Earthquake engineering – Structural Health Monitoring – Housing – Upgrading – Nanosystems – Self ignition – Reservoir Rehabilitation – Sediment Utilization – Reverse Engineering – Compliant Assemblies – Computational Geomechanics – Tunnels & Dams – Soil Mechanics – Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering – GIS – Geomatic Engineering – History of Architecture – Urban History – Public Tenders – Urban Regeneration.