IEEE WCCI/IJCNN 2020 Special session: Cybersecurity in Complex Environments
Internet of Things (IoT) is facilitated by heterogeneous technologies, which contribute to the providing of innovative and intelligent services in large number of application domains. The satisfaction of security and privacy requirements in this scenario, are becoming a main challenge for IoT systems and their developers.
Nevertheless, most efforts on IoT security and privacy requirements look at these requirements from a  high level view. Hence, important aspects of security and privacy functionalities will be disregarded, causing wrong design decisions. Exploiting data from infrastructure, computers, cyber physical systems, it can be possible to discover useful information from data in order to securize system also from both administrators and end users.


Decision makers can make more informative and conscious decisions through this kind of emerging analysis, including what actions need to be performed, and improvement recommendations to policies, guidelines, procedures, tools, and other aspects of the security of processes.

Submissions are expected from, but not limited to the following topics:


·        Analysis, Design and Assessment of  secure systems

·        Security and privacy in Internet of Things (IoT)

·        Securing private data on mobile and wearable devices

·        Security in Cyber Physical Systems

·        Security in Smart Grid and in Cloud Computing environments

·        Formal methods for Security

·        Machine learning applications

·        Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

·        Cybersecurity in healthcare

·        Fraud detection and forensics

·        Big Data Security for complex data analysis (video, sensors, text, etc.)

·        Security issues in Complex System and Environment




Antonella Santone,  University of Molise, Italy ,

Francesco Mercaldo, Institute for Informatics and Telematics, National Research Council of Italy (CNR) & University of Molise, Italy,