SSD BIO/03 – Environmental and applied botany
Research interest Conservation biology and ecology of high mountain and coastal plant communities. More specifically, my first research interest is aimed to analyze the global warming effects on alpine ecosystems of Mediterranean mountains as these effects are still little known; the research outputs may help improve the conservation and management efforts for endangered endemic plant species and communities in mountain protected areas.
Moreover, my second research interest is aimed to study sandy coastal plant ecosystems through the use of plant traits and species guilds analysis, as they may be used as bio-indicators of environmental status and to evaluate the ecological effects of direct or indirect human pressures on natural coastal heritage.

Conservation biology, ecology, alien plants, coastal ecosystems, alpine vegetation, global warming, plant traits.
Public engagement

Scientific coordinator of projects and agreements with local and national public bodies in order to transfer knowledge and to implement best practices for a sustainable management of natural heritage (e.g. LIFE MAESTRALE NAT/IT/262; external expertise for National Forestry Service in LIFE ENVEUROPE).