SSD INF/01 – Informatics
Research interest My research interests include biometry, virtual and augmented reality and human-computer interaction in immersive virtual environments or mixed reality envinronments.
With regard to biometry, I am particularly committed to exploiting 3D real-time methods for the acquisition of face and ear characteristics, as well as approaches aimed to iris and arm gestures capture through mobile devices for person authentication in uncontrolled conditions. Another challenge is also represented by identity recognition after plastic surgery procedures.
Concerning virtual and augmented reality, I am focused on exploring novel approaches to exploit these technologies for continuous training/maintenance to mission-critical systems, as well as in applying them to interactive simulation for aerospace industry and homeland security. In many of these contexts, human-system interaction, eventually by means of haptic systems, represents a further field of research.

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Biometrics, Real-time Human-Computer Interaction.