SSD ING-INF/05 – Information processing systems
Research interest The research activities of Prof. Oliveto lies mainly in the field of Software Engineering, with particular emphasis to the definition and empirical evaluation of systems to support the development and maintenance of software projects. The main research interests are:

  • Management of traceability links between software artifacts;
  • Improving the quality of software artifacts;
  • Software development effort estimation models based on meta-heuristics;
  • Recommender systems for supporting the development process, with particular emphasis to the design of recommender systems to support software developers (eg, mentor identifications) and project managers (eg, composition of the development team, prediction of defects, analysis of energy consumption of mobile apps, analysis of the factors that could affect the success of an application);
  • Empirical analysis of the evolution of software systems, with particular emphasis to the evolution of the quality of a software system (e.g., analysis of dependencies in software ecosystems);
  • Software testing, with particular emphasis to the use of optimization techniques (genetic algorithms) for (i) automatic generation of test cases and (ii) selection of test cases for regression testing;
  • Meta-heuristics for solving optimization problems, with particular emphasis to the improvement of evolutionary algorithms through the use of numerical analysis techniques for the analysis of the evolution of the solutions;
  • Application of natural language processing (e.g., query quality prediction and query reformulation) to facilitate the feature location activities during the program comprehension process.

Software traceability, software maintenance and evolution, program comprehension, search-based software engineering, big data analysis, mining software repository, natural language processing, and empirical software engineering
Public engagement

Prof. Oliveto is the CEO of the spin-off datasounds. The spin-off is based on the aggregation of high skills in the fields of Information Technology (IT), innovation for business, engineering, and consulting. The long-term goal of datasounds is to provide high-quality technological expertise, solutions and ideas for the business, co-create value for the customer, for datasounds and for all its members and collaborators. The short-term goal, instead, involves the design and the marketing of highly innovative decision support systems, developed in collaboration with national and international companies.