SSD M-GGR/01 – Geography
Research interest Coordinator of the research lab MoRGaNA (Mobility, Regions, Geo-economics and Network Analysis), her interests focus on the relationship between mobility patterns and processes of urban and territorial change. Her publications cover a wide range of topics and geographical areas. Key fields of analysis are population dynamics, international migration, local development, urban and regional planning, tourism, landscape. In the tourism studies, her favourite objects are spatial dynamics of tourist flows, regional tourism patterns, cultural routes and itineraries, geotourism and landscape enhancement, rural and community tourism, resource-based tourism, tourism potential analysis.

Territory, tourism, international migrations, sustainable mobility, landscape, local development
Public engagement

Advisor for the Società di Studi Geografici, in Florence, and Trustee of the Società Geografica Italiana, in Rome. Member of the Advisory Board of national and international journals. She has been member in the board of the PhD School in Cultures of Environment Territory and Landscapes at University of Foggia; now member of the PhD program in Biosciences and Territory at University of Molise. She has been organizer in a number of conferences, scientific visits and training courses in Italy and abroad. She has been coordinating applied research in many Italian regions as professional geographer and principal investigator in collaboration with government agencies, research centres and private organizations.