SSD AGR/01 – Agricultural economics and rural appraisal
Research interest His research interests include the topics of: Regional analysis of agriculture and agricultural policies and socio-economic impact of sustainable agriculture; Natural resources management and planning, with particular reference to protected areas and parks; Assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of environmental and agricultural policies and rural development policies, especially public expenditure flow analysis; Marine and Costal managment and implementation of European Marine Strategy in the Italian marine regions. Assessment of Agricultural Landscape changes and policy and planning issues for planning and managment. Urban and periurban agriculture and sustainability assessment of Short Food Supply Chain in terms of both demand and supply view; Assessment, evaluation and governance model of Ecosystem Services, also investigating innovative approaches in Payments for Environmental Services (PES) programs.

Biodiversity, landscape, ecosystem services, urban food planning, alternative food networks, protected areas, blue economy
Public engagement

Numerous popular science initiatives.
He has created a spin-off university (lands networks) that operates on the issues of natural resource management. He worked as technical assistance for Italian public institutions on issues related to agricultural and environmental policies.