SSD AGR/06 – Wood technology and forestry operations
Research interest The research activities mainly focus on the strengthening of local productive sectors to diversify the use of woody material through the study of the physical-mechanical behaviour of woody elements and production processes. This activity also takes place through the Analysis of Life Cycle of timber products which allows a quantification of the environmental impacts of the production chains and conditions of use. Another activity is focused on the use of woody biomass for the production of energy in order to better manage, plan and optimize the use of forest resources. Finally, the research activities also focus on dendrochronology to study the adaptations of tree species to climate change and for the characterization of environments subject to pollution.

Wood technology, Life Cycle Assessment, woody biomass, dendrochronology
Public engagement

Founding partner of an academic Spin Off of the University of Molise
Scientific responsible for the Unit of the University of Molise LIFE Project “Demonstrating REMOTE SENSING INTEGRATION IN SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT” Fresh LIFE – LIFE14 ENV / IT / 000414 which plans to demonstrate that the use of advanced remote sensing information is can support forest managers in achieving the objectives of sustainable management of forests through demonstration activities