SSD ICAR/09 – Structural analysis and design
Research interest Research activities are devoted to pursue the structural safety of built environment, with specific reference to existing constructions and implemented with a strong interdisciplinary approach. Attention is particularly focused on the seismic vulnerability of existing structures both ordinary and historical in nature. The research aims at the development of integrated diagnosis processes and sustainable prognosis ones for preservation and structural upgrading. Another relevant field of scientific interest consists of the structural health monitoring of civil engineering structures and dynamic identification of structures under operational conditions aimed at assessing in real-time the response of the structure to operational and environmental loads.

Earthquake engineering; seismic vulnerability; r.c. structures; steel structures; structural and seismic safety of architectural complexes; structural dynamics; structural health monitoring
Public engagement

The knowledge developed in the context of the research activities relies with a number of applicative contexts. Opportunities of technology transfer and specialised support to private and public companies. The same applies to the launch in 2012 of an UniMol academic spin-off operating in the field of the structural health monitoring and earthquake engineering (