SSD BIO/03 – Environmental and applied botany
Research interest Taxonomic study of the genus Quercus, through the integration of morphometric analysis, analysis of micro- and macromorphological characters and molecular DNA analysis. The data collected are analysed using classical and probabilistic statistical approaches.
Study of wild plants of ethnobotanical interest with particular attention to those used in folk medicine the Molise Region (Province of Isernia).
Study of flora and vegetation for the realization of the expansion project of the UNESCO MAB Reserve “Collemeluccio-Montedimezzo” (the extended Reserve is now “Collemeluccio-Montedimezzo Alto Molise”).
Research activities on biodiversity in the territories affected by the sheep tracks.

Plant ecology, phytosocology, ethnobotany, biodiversity conservation
Public engagement 

Guided visits and workshop activities at the Museum Herbarium of Molise (Department of Biosciences and Territory – Pesche, Isernia).
Realization of the brochure “Il Museo Erbario dell’Università del Molise” (ISBN 9788896394151, year 2015).
Coordination and organization of events and seminars for schools of all levels for the dissemination of the results of departmental research (Research days of Bioscience and Territory Department, years 2016 and 2017).