SSD BIO/07 – Ecology
Research interest

Graduated in Biology in 1990 at the University of Cordoba (Argentina). In 1998 she received the PhD in Botanical Sciences from the University of Roma “La Sapienza” Italy with a specialization in Landscape Ecology.

Research interests: Ecology, Plant ecology, Landscape ecology and conservation biology. Particular skills on GIS, remote sensing, quantitative and spatial ecology.

Some main research issues: A) Nature conservation and biodiversity; B) Sistematic conservation planning; C) Long term ecological research (LTER); D) GIS and remote sensing; E) ecosystem services assessment

More than 120 papers on Italian and international journals and books, many of them peer reviewed and had presented more than 120 papers on national and international congresses.

Head of the envixlab:

Board of Consorzio Universitario Italia Argentina (CUIA).


Landscape ecology, conservation biology, long term ecological research, Coastal dunes, high mountain vegetation, temperate and subtropical forests.