SSD BIO/04 – Plant physiology
Research interest The research is focused on structure and function relationship between fungal poligalacturonases (PG) and their proteinaceous plant inhibitors (PGIPs). The PG is an enzyme used by fungal pathogens during infection, its action is often a prerequisite for the degradation of the plant cell wall by other fungal enzymes. Specific research lines of his activity are: 1) studies on specificity of recognition between PG and PGIP using site directed mutagenesis, DNA Shuffling and error prone PCR; 2) expression and analysis of Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes (CWDE) and mutated genes in Pichia pastoris; 3) analysis of the role of PG and PGIPs in abiotic and (4) biotic stress; 5) use of pectic enzymes on plant biomass for production of biofuel

Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes, PGIP, Pichia pastoris, Pectins, Phytopathogenic fungi, Biofuel